Crazy Busy

For many people, the holiday season is a time of family get-togethers, warm fires, playing in the snow, watching old movies, and sipping hot cocoa.

For those of us who work in the customer service side of a multinational technology company whose products are a perennial gift-giving favorite, it’s a season to work extra hours, be very busy, and a chance to prove yourself as the best of the best.

Needless to say, I’ve found my niche. I’m enjoying the first job I’ve had in… ever?… that I’m totally passionate about and really believe I can succeed and make a career out of. I hope I’m right, because I’m having a blast working for some of the coolest people I’ve ever met for a company that knows how to treat its employees. I didn’t see myself getting here, and even as it was happening, I kept holding my breath, waiting for the hammer to fall, waiting to hear the “yes, but…” or the news that I was being demoted, cut back, or cut loose… But it never happened. I succeeded, and the people I’m working for have seen that and recognized it and recognized me for it.

It’s a pretty damn good feeling.

So if I’ve been busy or unavailable, I am sorry. It’s only going to get worse for the next month or so, but after that we should be good again. In the meantime, things are great here, despite all the insanity taking place around the country, and I’m savoring every minute of it. I might even try to find time to comment again on some of the insanity. Who knows…?

Thanks for still reading after all this time. I’m always humbled by people who stumble across this one way or another and choose to leave me feedback. It’s a blast and I don’t want to let this go on another several-month dead period (whoops…), so if there’s something you’d like to see here, let me know!

Blogging for transparency

I was talking to a friend of mine today and he mentioned that a gal he’d met online was surprised to hear he had a blog. She thought it would be very uncomfortable to have your thoughts put out there in a public forum for anyone to see.  It’s an interesting point, because there are certainly times where it’s nice to be able to hide your beliefs or politics or opinions in the name of getting along or fitting in. I’ve always said I feel open, honest representation of yourself is the best way to live – but sometimes it’s not so easy to actually live out.

When I started this blog, I deliberately obscured my name and was careful not to link to it from my Facebook or anything else that had my full, real name. I didn’t want this blog to come up whenever people looked up my name, because I knew some of what I wrote could be controversial. I didn’t want potential employers or coworkers to find what I wrote and get offended by what they saw.

But a while back, I don’t remember exactly when, I decided that it wasn’t in line with my policy of transparency to try and hide this blog behind a fake name. Now, I still use the first name and last initial moniker because it’s a habit and it’s consistent across where I post elsewhere, plus it’s just easier. But this blog is now the #2 search result when you look for my name, only behind Wikipedia’s article on the eponymous railroader from the 1800s.

Not actually me.

And I don’t mind, because this is who I am. And if I take a little flak for being excited about the Scripture or thinking that socialism is a terrible form of government, then so be it. What I would love is if someone came up to me at work tomorrow and said “hey, I googled you the other night and found your blog. Can I ask you a few questions about this whole Jesus thing?”

Well, so much for that

Yesterday was super-busy, and I didn’t actually get home until well after midnight which means that my “write every day in November” goal has failed. However! I do plan to keep writing and stay on track for 30 posts in 30 days, so hopefully I’ll be staying consistent through at least the end of the month. In the meantime, work is calling so I shall write more later.

Stay thirsty, my friends.

Saturdazed, pt 2

I really suck at posting on the weekend.

So today the big headline I was seeing was Obama’s massive faux pas over in Japan, where he practically prostrated himself in front of the Emperor, essentially declaring himself a lower class and inferior. In a country where the type of bow indicates your social status, not even the CEO of a large company bows that low. Of course, with Obama’s track record of swearing up and down that the US is nothing special I suppose we shouldn’t consider this anything special. HotAirPundit has a nice roundup of how other state officials have acted with the Emperor, for comparison…

Also, it’s nice to see that Newsweek has decided to drop all pretense of objectivity. Volokh explains why this tagline is even dumber than you might think.

I started playing Borderlands this week, it’s a very fun game. It was described to me as “Half Life meets Road Warrior,” and that’s exactly what it’s turned out to be in all its glory. My computer has had trouble running it, however, which has somewhat detracted from the fun. Hopefully I’ll be able to afford some long-needed upgrades soon.

Been on an Earthsuit kick this week. What a great band.

Sorry I don’t have much today, hopefully I’ll be more interesting tomorrow. Goodnight.

A few thoughts and a plug for a friend

So who would have guessed that it is a lot easier to write when you have a purpose to what you are writing? Apparently not I. After receiving a few suggestions on what to write, I’ve been pounding away at the keys writing on what they have suggested and doing further research into the topics. Overall it has certainly brightened my mood; there is something I find inherently relaxing about writing.

I’m still listening to Driscoll. Over the last three or four days I’ve listened to probably at least 12 hours of his material, which is very unusual for me – I can read studies for hours on end, but listening tends to wear on me quickly. I’m hoping this is evidence of a (sustained) renewed interest in study, and I’m certainly picking up on things I had not before. The man has his opponents throughout the web; one of my favorite sites is run by a guy who regularly mentions Driscoll as a preacher he has issues with. This, though, only makes me think he’s doing something right, and doctrinally I still can’t find anything we’re at odds over.

And last but not least, I have been listening quite a bit to the musical stylings of my friend Michael Birch, aka Flexstyle, especially his latest album Elements of Creation. It’s a solid album overall and he’s set to release his next one soon, so now is the perfect time to check him out.