Saturdazed, pt 2

I really suck at posting on the weekend.

So today the big headline I was seeing was Obama’s massive faux pas over in Japan, where he practically prostrated himself in front of the Emperor, essentially declaring himself a lower class and inferior. In a country where the type of bow indicates your social status, not even the CEO of a large company bows that low. Of course, with Obama’s track record of swearing up and down that the US is nothing special I suppose we shouldn’t consider this anything special. HotAirPundit has a nice roundup of how other state officials have acted with the Emperor, for comparison…

Also, it’s nice to see that Newsweek has decided to drop all pretense of objectivity. Volokh explains why this tagline is even dumber than you might think.

I started playing Borderlands this week, it’s a very fun game. It was described to me as “Half Life meets Road Warrior,” and that’s exactly what it’s turned out to be in all its glory. My computer has had trouble running it, however, which has somewhat detracted from the fun. Hopefully I’ll be able to afford some long-needed upgrades soon.

Been on an Earthsuit kick this week. What a great band.

Sorry I don’t have much today, hopefully I’ll be more interesting tomorrow. Goodnight.

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