Post-football digest

What a Sunday for football!

Arizona comes from behind to beat the Seahawks and gets a much-needed, solid win at home. Warner got a late start but once he got going, Breaston and Boldin both looked amazing, and Fitz didn’t miss a beat. Big pleasant surprise was Beanie Wells having another good game – I’m really starting to believe this kid is the real deal.

Cincinnati beats Pittsburgh… in Pittsburgh. And it was a grind, too – they went play for play for a full 60 minutes and made key stop after key stop to keep Pitt from getting away. Afterword, Terry Bradshaw eats his words and apologizes to the Bungles Bengals for ever doubting them. Also, Big Ben got sacked a lot. Always a plus.

And then the “Game of the Year” Pats v Colts… Colts down by 10 at halftime and Manning just isn’t looking like Manning. Brady comes out strong in the second half, scores at the top of the 4th… and then the Colts catch fire and Manning puts together an amazing comeback, bringing them within 6 with just over 2 minutes left. Patriots go 3-and-out but Belichick decides to go for it from his own 30 (!!) and fails, giving Manning the ball back in prime position and he gladly puts it in the end zone. Great game, thoroughly entertaining football, and a great end to a great NFL Sunday.

This will be a long week for me, for many reasons. I’d appreciate it if you guys could keep me in your prayers. Back to regular posting tomorrow.

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