A few thoughts and a plug for a friend

So who would have guessed that it is a lot easier to write when you have a purpose to what you are writing? Apparently not I. After receiving a few suggestions on what to write, I’ve been pounding away at the keys writing on what they have suggested and doing further research into the topics. Overall it has certainly brightened my mood; there is something I find inherently relaxing about writing.

I’m still listening to Driscoll. Over the last three or four days I’ve listened to probably at least 12 hours of his material, which is very unusual for me – I can read studies for hours on end, but listening tends to wear on me quickly. I’m hoping this is evidence of a (sustained) renewed interest in study, and I’m certainly picking up on things I had not before. The man has his opponents throughout the web; one of my favorite sites is run by a guy who regularly mentions Driscoll as a preacher he has issues with. This, though, only makes me think he’s doing something right, and doctrinally I still can’t find anything we’re at odds over.

And last but not least, I have been listening quite a bit to the musical stylings of my friend Michael Birch, aka Flexstyle, especially his latest album Elements of Creation. It’s a solid album overall and he’s set to release his next one soon, so now is the perfect time to check him out.

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