More from Mumbai, with an extra serving of bias

It has now come to light that the hostages killed by the terrorists in Mumbai were brutally tortured before they died – and that the Jewish hostages recieved the worst treatment. While I can’t say I’m entirely shocked by the barbarism displayed here by these animals, it’s notable that they were so forthright with their special treatment of these hostages. Combine that with the AP labeling the Chabad house the “headquarters of an ultra-Orthodox Jewish group,” and we have a winner. It’s obvious that the terrorists hated the Jews and wanted to brutalize them – but why must our own media try to sugarcoat that by making it sound like they somehow deserved it?

Here’s a brief explanation of why the labeling of Chabad is so inaccurate, from a commenter over at Ace’s:

First, the rabbi you will find at a Chabad house is a Lubavitcher (named after a town in Russia), which means he is someone who is dressed traditionally, but has an extremely modern outlook. Lubavichers are, generally, very cool, worldly people. They aren’t typical traditional Jews who, e.g., are very suspicious of the Internet and all things modern. Also, as this is AOSHQ, a Lubavitcher rabbi’s wife is allowed to look beautiful (if modest) in her dress. These are very cool, very warm, very with it people; they aren’t quite modern orthodox a la Senator Lieberman, but nor are they “ultra orthodox.” as in detached from the modern world, etc. Check out These folk were some of the first to use the Internet in a powerful way.

Second, whether it be in Mumbai, or Knoxville, TN, most of the people you’ll find at a Chabad House will not be Lubavitchers, or even the Orthodox; they’ll be just ordinary Jews looking for some Jewish culture, spirituality or kosher food off the beaten path.

Additionally, big-O “Orthodox” is a proper name for this group of Jews. Saying this Jewish center is “ultra-Orthodox” is analogous to calling St. James’ Church “ultra-Catholic.” It’s inaccurate and superfluous, and serves only to conjur up the image of radical religion that has been associated in the pop culture with the word “orthodox.”

Just another case of media bias trying to portray a slaughtered family as somehow “deserving” of the tragedy being passed off as journalistic integrity. Sickening.

Mumbai Review

So the attacks are over, 56 hours later. Latest count is 183 dead, and more than 300 injured, but according to Indian officials, it was stopped before the worst could happen – they had apparently planned to kill thousands of people by bombing the Taj building.  Averting that, at least, is a small bright spot in this chaos. Five hostages were killed at the Chabad House, one of the first places targeted, a fact scarcely covered by western news media – perhaps because the hostages were Jewish and Israeli.

The captured terrorist is Pakistani and has suspected ties to the Pakistani ISI, which has caused no small amount of tension to flare up in an already-tense region. Though Pakistan has denied involvement and sworn to help, and has sent its chief spymaster to aid in the investigation, it has also indicated it will move 100,000 military personnel to the border if “tensions continue to rise.” If that does happen, this could end up being the tipping point of a much larger, and scarier, conflict. Let’s hope it doesn’t get that far.

Bill Roggio has an excellent, more in-depth analysis of the execution and ramifications of the attack.

h/t to Ace for several of these links.

Update on Mumbai Hostages

Via an email from reader Dan F: Somewhere between 10 and 20 Jewish hostages are being held at the Chabad Lubavitch Jewish Center in Mumbai, in addition to the others being held in the hotels. The ones targeted in hotels are mostly American, British, and Israeli, though there are also reports of Australian, Japanese, and Singaporean hostages and victims as well. Latest updates have one of the hotels being recaptured and eight hostages freed, but another hotel and the Jewish Center are still held by the terrorists.

As we head into our Thanksgiving merriment today, keep these people in mind in your prayers.

This is awesome.

No, seriously, it is.

TIKRIT, Iraq – Eighteen females in northern Iraq who were associated with Al-Qaeda in Iraq suicide bombing cells turned themselves into Coalition forces on Nov. 26.

The females were persuaded by their mullahs and fathers to cease their training in suicide operations and reconcile.

Today, these women took the first step in reconciliation by turning themselves in and signing a reconciliation pledge.

Great news, on two points: first, that these women who have been treated as slaves and property are finding the strength to rise up and say no to the terrorists pressuring them into this, indicating a real change in the attitude over there. Second, that the women were convinced by their mullahs and fathers. This is out of Tikrit, Saddam Hussein’s hometown. These would be devout Shi’ites, religious leaders, who are actively decrying this terrorism for the first time that we’ve really seen over there. That alone is incredible. These women also bring with them valuable information on insurgent cells. I wish them all the best in their new lives as they move forward as – for the first time – free women.

h/t: Michael Ledeen at PJM

Praying Time

There’s been a big terrorist attack in Mumbai, India today, it’s still ongoing – latest counts say about 90 dead, hundreds wounded. Multiple buildings are burning, and there are several hostages being held – some of which are British and American citizens, apparently, the terrorists specifically were looking for westerners. The Deccan Mujahideen, a previously-unknown Islamic terror group, is claiming responsibility for the attacks… Pray for those over there to be safe, that these terrorists would fail at wreaking further havoc, that innocent lives will be spared, and that the police and army personell combating these terrorists would be strong, safe, and accurate.

Ace has ongoing coverage of the latest news on attacks.

You can see a Google map of the attacks here.

Streaming video news from the IBN.

“Religion of peace,” my arse.