This is awesome.

No, seriously, it is.

TIKRIT, Iraq – Eighteen females in northern Iraq who were associated with Al-Qaeda in Iraq suicide bombing cells turned themselves into Coalition forces on Nov. 26.

The females were persuaded by their mullahs and fathers to cease their training in suicide operations and reconcile.

Today, these women took the first step in reconciliation by turning themselves in and signing a reconciliation pledge.

Great news, on two points: first, that these women who have been treated as slaves and property are finding the strength to rise up and say no to the terrorists pressuring them into this, indicating a real change in the attitude over there. Second, that the women were convinced by their mullahs and fathers. This is out of Tikrit, Saddam Hussein’s hometown. These would be devout Shi’ites, religious leaders, who are actively decrying this terrorism for the first time that we’ve really seen over there. That alone is incredible. These women also bring with them valuable information on insurgent cells. I wish them all the best in their new lives as they move forward as – for the first time – free women.

h/t: Michael Ledeen at PJM

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