I’m back and will be posting at least 3 times per day.

So after the month of March ended, I realized that I haven’t posted on here in forever (again) and thought that this is something that I should change, if for no other reason than to try to get my brain working again for the return of Radio Spacebird. The three of you out there who remember it will be very excited, I am sure. This post really has no specific direction, just me rattling off thoughts, but it’s better than nothing.

Jon Acuff of Stuff Christians Like fame has recently released his new book and Zondervan is offering people free copies of the audiobook for a limited time – I suggest you take immediate advantage of it. And listen to it over and over.

I’m having trouble understanding how anyone can actually think that this healthcare reform bill that’s passed is a good idea, or that the general concept of “taxing the crap out of everyone when the economy is still bleeding jobs” is a wise one. However, something like 45% of Americans think that it’s not ridiculous, so I guess John Dewey got his way.

Looking over the comments from my last post almost two months ago, the concept of male emasculation in greater society is an interesting one. I may have to tackle it in a future post. In the meantime, I think I can sum up the solution to a lot of those problems by saying: Men, try to be men. Women, try not to complain or take offense when a man tries to be a man.

And speaking of being a man, this here is the just-released trailer for what looks to be the penultimate action flick of the decade, starring… well, everyone.

I can’t wait.

P.S. – Happy April Fools Day! Don’t hold your breath on the post title coming true.

Thought of the evening

There are few things as heartwarming and uplifting as a kind word from an old friend.

Some people in this world are so amazing and so gracious that it makes me simultaneously want to strive to be better, while also becoming acutely aware of my own failures and weakness.  They’re just people, like me – and many of them feel the same way about people they know – but to me they are so much more than just that. They are gifts from God, reminding me that there is hope and beauty in this world even as most of it proceeds to fall apart.  They are shining lights in the darkness, the candle never hidden, the city on the hill.

So thank you, God, for friends like these.

Google Maps is Awesome

So I’ve been messing around with a little website project I came up with, and part of it requires the use of the Google Maps API. With more than a little fear and trepidation, I set forth to give it my best shot…

…and was blown away by how simple it was. Seriously, the team that came up with Google Maps did a fantastic job with the API. It’s functional, extremely easy to use, and just plain works. No unexpected quirks or errors whatsoever. So I thought I’d take a moment and tip my hat to the team at Google for doing such great work, and now have one more reason to look forward to Google Wave, since it’s done by the same team.

Now if only OpenID was so easy…