Weekend update and link round-up

Sorry about the lack of posting the last couple of days – I’ve been busy and somewhat out of sorts. On the other hand, my birthday’s coming up this week so I’ll be at least having a little bit of fun for that. So because I’m feeling totally out of the posting loop, here are a few things to check out from around the web in lieu of my usual posting spree:

Have a good weekend, all.

Desperately grasping at straws

Because they don’t have anything legit to criticise him about, I guess?

After pardoning a Thanksgiving turkey in a public display of mercy Wednesday, President Bush will be served turkey as part of his holiday meal. Critics call the practice a “charade.”

Questioned about the apparent hypocrisy of the practice, White House spokesman Scott Stanzel was unruffled. “You should try your hand at open mic night at the Laugh Factory,” said Stanzel. He promised he would attend the performance.

A spokesman for president-elect Barack Obama declined to comment on the matter.

Oh, the humanity! He, and every president since Truman, has done this every year. This is nothing new and nothing to get worked up about. I bet you, though, that at least one of those reporters helped put away one of the 45 million turkeys that got cooked up this year. Hypocrisy, indeed.

h/t: Ace

On Moral Squirming

Via Leanna comes this link, which got my blood boiling for all sorts of reasons, as it attempts to invoke God’s grace as a reason for being accepting of not just political views based on sin, but the sin itself. The post is copied here almost in its entirety as I dissect it, and you can find the original here. This is going to be a little bit scatterbrained, but I needed to get this written down… Continue reading On Moral Squirming