Desperately grasping at straws

Because they don’t have anything legit to criticise him about, I guess?

After pardoning a Thanksgiving turkey in a public display of mercy Wednesday, President Bush will be served turkey as part of his holiday meal. Critics call the practice a “charade.”

Questioned about the apparent hypocrisy of the practice, White House spokesman Scott Stanzel was unruffled. “You should try your hand at open mic night at the Laugh Factory,” said Stanzel. He promised he would attend the performance.

A spokesman for president-elect Barack Obama declined to comment on the matter.

Oh, the humanity! He, and every president since Truman, has done this every year. This is nothing new and nothing to get worked up about. I bet you, though, that at least one of those reporters helped put away one of the 45 million turkeys that got cooked up this year. Hypocrisy, indeed.

h/t: Ace

2 thoughts on “Desperately grasping at straws”

  1. I don’t think ABC was serious about this, even though it wasn’t blatantly obvious. They did point out that “back-to-back Presidential turkey saving/turkey eating has been going on since at least 1947.”

  2. If you click through to page two they go on to quote the humane society: “This is one of those ludicrous traditions that lays bare many of our contradictions towards animals,” and mention that the White House “declined to comment” on the reason only one of the two birds was being taken to Disneyland. There’s no indication of satire here, it’s just an excuse for them to take potshots at Bush and wave around their agenda a bit more.

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