Off into the sunset

Today marks the blogging retirement of Kim and Connie du Toit, people who I have been reading for upwards of five years. It’s been a treat to wake up every morning and read what he had to say, and it will be very wierd, to say the least, seeing that “Other Side” folder in my RSS feed sit at zero. Their farewell posts are up and comments on their site are open until midnight, so if any of you have been affected by their work, as I have, now is your chance to say “thank you” on the record.

To the du Toits, Kim especially, I can only say thank you, a thousand times thank you. For everything. You’ve given me some great advice in the forums and through email over the years, helped me learn a lot about our government, about guns and my rights, and about the world in general. To this day I still refer people to excellent posts of yours from years ago that articulate thoughts better than I ever could. There will be a large, empty hole where your voice was, and while I know you’ll never be replaced, I do look forward to finding your successors.

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