Homeland “Security?”

So via Daily Pundit, according to a “top Obama advisor,” AZ Governor Janet Napolitano is currently the frontrunner for Secretary of Homeland Security.

My first response was to start humming “ding, dong, the witch is dead,” because her vacating her spot gives us a chance to have someone with an ounce of competence occupy the Governor’s office for the first time since 2002. But then it occurred to me that this woman – you know, the one that’s bankrupted the state and all but openly begged illegal workers to come to the state in droves – might not be the best choice for the position. I mean, she’s outright fought Joe Arpaio (America’s Toughest Media Whore) over the one thing he actually gets right, which is illegal immigration – opposing him at every turn. That the governor who’s arguably failed the most miserably to protect her state’s borders is being considered by our President-elect to protect the nation’s borders is only a further indication of the man’s utter incompetence.

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