And now for something more lighthearted

In a case of the courthouse funnies, this may be the best summary of a civil case I’ve ever heard:

In Libel Suit Against Simon & Schuster, Man Insists He Is Not A Douchebag

LAS VEGAS (CN) – A man claims Simon & Schuster defamed him in the book “Hot Chicks with Douchebags.” Michael Minelli says two pages of the book are dedicated to him illustrated with a photo, but the douchebag label is “false as it pertains to plaintiff.”

The site is also home to this gem:

The following is from a U. S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruling called E.S.S. Entertainment 2000, Inc. v. Rock Star Videos, Inc. in which lawyers for the owner of a strip club claimed that the makers of the Grand Theft Auto video game infringed their trademark:

“ESS also argues that, because players are free to ignore the storyline and spend as much time as they want at the Pig Pen, the Pig Pen can be considered a significant part of the Game, leading to confusion.”

Imagine the kind of person who would buy, install, and begin playing a computer game and then just hang out in the game’s strip club.

Yes, a man without a life who doesn’t have a virtual life either.

Now imagine that person on the witness stand.

This is the kind of concept that makes reading appellate opinions so much fun.

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