Shameless plug

Just gotta take a moment to throw out a plug for DestroyTwitter to any of my readers who use Twitter but haven’t experienced the joy that is DT. It’s a well-designed app with a streamlined interface that makes using Twitter just that much more fun and easy. I didn’t really get the “Twitter thing” until I started using this.

It’s also really nice that Jonnie Hallman, the guy who created the app, is very active in the community and is literally a tweet away for questions and comments. It’s really cool to have been able to watch this app go from a pretty small app with a few hundred installs to one with nearly two hundred thousand and growing rapidly.

Keep up the good work, Jonnie!

Current Events, Yours and Mine

So I enrolled in a course over at the O’Reilly School of Technology, for their PHP Programming with MySQL certificate. So far I’m pretty happy with the services offered as well as the instruction – the instructor for the course has responded within minutes to every question I’ve had  that I’ve asked during normal hours. The fact that it’s accerdited through the University of Illinois also is a plus. The project I’ve working on has driven my forehead into the wall with frustration many times since I started working on it, and I’m hoping the training offered by these courses will help me with that as well as advancing my long-term goals.

PHP is a very interesting language in that is both extremely simple and powerful. It’s not nearly as arbitrary as other languages I have looked at, with most of the structures and functions working in exactly the way you’d assume they would. I am having a great time learning it, and as I find out more, it seems like things just get easier  and easier. It’s something I actually enjoy doing, which is more than I can say about a lot of other things I’ve tried.

Tangentially related, I have been watching the events unfolding in Iran with great interest, both as a geopolitical matter and also as a fascinating demonstration of the power and effectiveness of the “new media.” I’ll avoid dealing too much with the geopolitics right now, but I will say that watching so much information coming directly from those involved via Twitter and Facebook is a wonderful example of the potential of the internet and social media. I have gotten all of my information from Twitter, Youtube, and various blogs – and these are the same sources that CNN and the New York Times are using. Earlier tonight, General Rahim Safavi himself twittered on the events going on – it’s a beautiful thing that we have this ease of access so widely available now, even in such a place as Iran where freedom is so limited. I hope the bravery of the protesters does not go unrewarded.