Steele – not ready, not willing, not able

Via Michelle Malkin comes this Mark Steyn article on why the Michael Steele debacle is so bad:

Kathryn, in all the Rush-bashing, I was more disturbed by Michael Steele’s wretched performance. His initial reaction — that Rush’s show is “incendiary” and “ugly” — revealed:

a) that he never listens to it;

b) that he takes his cues from the mainstream media


In two brief soundbites, Mr. Steele has managed to suggest to his own party base that he has a lazy disposition that reflexively shares the liberal biases, and to allow the wider world to portray him as a craven squish. This is not encouraging. At the very minimum, he does not appear ready for primetime.

This shows that not only is he apparently a moron, but he is also out-of-touch and spineless. How could someone who is supposedly in charge of the party claiming conservatism never have bothered to listen to a three hour radio show that influences is listened to by over twenty million of his party’s constituents? And even if he hadn’t, he didn’t have the guts to admit his error, or even stand up for the principles of the man he was deriding.

Instead, he used all the buzzwords that the “drive by media” likes to use against Limbaugh, and then quickly apologized for being unintentionally offensive in using them after the aforementioned constituency started to get irritated about it. So he first proves himself clueless, and then backs it up with spinelessness.

Not ready for primetime? Mark, you’re understating it. The man is a liability.

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