Michael Steele, you’re a moron.

I tried to ignore the comments about “slum love” in regards to Bobby Jindal and “bling-bling” in reference to the economy, on the grounds that maybe you were just trying to look like a total moron to pander to your audience.

But it turns out you really are a total moron. A complete, clueless, contemptible moron. Because today you again missed the entire point of what has happened in the last month, still insisting that you want Obama to succeed (regardless of the fact that his success means the death of this nation as we know it!) and for conservatives to simply shut up and get in line. And then, you threw Rush Limbaugh under the bus – for D.L. Hughley of all people. On CNN. You accused him of being “ugly” and “incendiary,” nothing more than an “entertainer,” and agreed that CPAC “looked like Nazi Germany!

To D.L. Hughley!

Do you not see the irony in that, Mr. Steele? That you somehow respect that lunatic comedian Hughley over a man like Limbaugh whose contributions to American conservatism are practically the only reason we’re not far worse off than we are? And on a network like CNN, whose vehement opposition to all things conservative is well-known, and who harbors some of the hardest-left sentiment on television today?

Instead, you denigrate one of your strongest allies, and along with him tens of millions of like-minded citizens who want to see American conservatism make a comeback. However, with you at the wheel of the RNC, making idiot mistake after idiot mistake, I’m not sure we’ll be here to see it happen under your party. Maybe Ross Perot was on to something after all.

And for pete’s sake, the constant “ghetto slang” is irritating. Cut it out. Act like a man, not a child, and stop trying to prove your “blackness.” Conservatives don’t care whether you’re black, white, red, yellow or purple. We care about what you say and do. And frankly, you’ve been one hell of a disappointment so far.

Edit: He has now apologized for being “inarticulate.” Says he wasn’t trying to slam Rush with those comments – though it’s hard to find any other meaning. Oh, and no withdrawl of his comparing CPAC to Nazi Germany. Nice.

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