Another successful “pay what you want” experiment

In the vein of Radiohead’s famous “pay whatever you want” distribution of its last album, a restaurant in the UK has decided to ask diners to pay whatever they feel their food is worth during the month of February. And surprise surprise – it’s working:

“Anything between a penny and 50 pounds ($70) will make me happy, it’s entirely up to the customer to decide,” Ilic said on Tuesday, sounding confident about the prospects as he sat on a purple couch is his brightly colored, arty restaurant, known for its bistro-style Mediterranean cuisine.

If people like something, they’ll pay for it, the idea goes, and already Ilic has seen evidence that it works.

“Customers have already paid 20 percent more than the original price,” he said, confident that he will more than cover his expenses for the month. “People want to be polite and would be embarrassed not to pay enough.”

I’m glad to hear it. Here’s hoping the experiment is a great success and that others try the same thing.

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