Moron of the Day

Via Patterico comes this priceless quote from the LA Times about the bailout bill:

“The late Jack Kennedy made a remark that sometimes, just sometimes, your party asks too much of you,” Rep. Charles B. Rangel (D-N.Y.) told Republicans on the House floor. “Why they would ask you to vote against this, I will never know.”

How about because it is the most glaringly obvious symbol of your party’s malicious intent toward this country, Mr. Rangel? The bailout is downright insulting in how blatantly it steps all over any intended uses of the money and just goes hog-wild paying off every special interest group that worked to get the Democrats into power.

Now Obama’s making sure they get paid, even if it means putting a knife in the back of the nation.

Yeah, I have no idea why they’d vote against it.

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