Daily Hopechange for January 28

Day eight, still no unicorn. I’m beginning to lose hope.

Remember when George Bush was leaving a press conference in Beijing and found that the door was locked? He laughed it off, but the photos captured are still used to portray him as a bonehead. Well, apparently today Obama tried to walk through a window to get into the White House instead of using the door. Surprisingly, not many photos of this have surfaced, and I doubt I’ll be seeing it all over CNN, NYT, and WaPo anytime soon…

Also, it appears that Obama suddenly does have Muslim roots. He says that his Muslim family members and time living in Muslim countries give him an advantage in relating to Muslims as he tries to “reach out to them.” What this means, I’m not quite sure, but I do think it’s interesting that a fact so vehemently denied during the primaries is now embracied as a positive attribute. Certainly makes you wonder about John McCain calling any mention of Islam in relation to Obama a “shameless attack.”

And the stimulus package from hell just keeps on rolling… the good news is that the Republicans are letting the Democrats own every festering ounce of it. It passed the house today 244-188, with every Republican voting against it (along with 11 Democrats). As Pelosi said, “We won the election. We wrote the bill.” It’s become plain as day where the Democrats stand now – firmly on the side of pork spending and shady interest groups. Thankfully, this time the Republicans are actually standing firm against this one, so when this house of cards crumbles – and it will – then it will be Obama and his party who correctly take the blame.

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