Gaza Update

Those guys are GOOD.

Second night in Gaza Strip: After IDF forces managed to reach their target destinations inside Gaza, soldiers have started searching the area for weapon caches, terrorist infrastructure and terrorists.

The incursion into Gaza, which was launched Saturday evening, has already claimed the life of one soldier, Staff-Sergeant Dvir Emanuelof of the Golani brigade. Some 40 soldiers were wounded in clashes, and over 50 Palestinian gunmen were killed in the first day of the fighting, according to the Israeli army.

The Israel Air Force struck some 30 targets in the Gaza Strip on Sunday night, including a mosque, a suspected antiaircraft machine gun and several tunnels on the Philadelphi Route. The Navy attacked posts belonging to Hamas’ naval force and a bunker where Grad missiles were being stored.

50 plus terrorists dead against a single IDF soldier – not a bad ratio. The loss of a good guy is always tough, but that they only did lose one is an incredible statistic, especially given the close-quarters environment these guys are fighting in.

Israel says describes its short-term plan for Gaza as a “root canal” – digging around for any sort of Hamas infrastructure or supply points and taking them out. So far they have captured the locations of 220 of the 300 rocket attacks made during the last week, which has led to a big reduction in rocket attacks on Southern Israel in the last couple days.

So yeah, I’d say so far they’re doing pretty well. Here’s to hoping they clean it up and stay safe. How about sending them a pizza as a congratulations on a successful start?

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