Super Bowl thoughts

That was the best game I have seen in years.

As much as I dislike Eli Manning, I can’t say a bad thing about him after tonight. That was amazing execution, especially for such a young guy playing in the Super Bowl for the first time. And the Giants’ defensive line – Michael Strahan, anyone? – was just phenomenal. To shut down one of the best offenses that football has ever seen and hold them to 14 points, hurting Brady every time he stepped back, that was really something impressive. Hats off to them, they really earned it.

Brady I think just did not handle the pressure well. We’ve seen him throw right through the pressure but tonight he just couldn’t do it.  Their defensive line was doing well but just couldn’t do to Manning what the Giants did to Brady. The game was run entirely by the defense on both sides right up until the 4th and … well, like I said, best game I have seen in years. Very good stuff.

So, grats Giants, sorry Pats, maybe next year.

Also, how bad does Connor Manning have to be feeling right now? “You know, both of your brothers have won a Super Bowl. What have you done?” “Dad, I don’t play footba–” “Get out of my house!”

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