Pre-Super Bowl rambling!

Sorry for no update yesterday. Been a rough couple of days, but life goes on.

Funny note: Rambo came out and had a bad return at the box office. Yet their commercials make it sound like they’re doing great. I hadn’t heard a single good review, so I looked to see what source the commercials took their props from – turns out its some horror movie review site I’d never heard of. Here’s the link. I think that says a bit about the movie, but maybe that’s just me.

Also, I got a couple requests for a source on my wallpaper from the other day. That, and many other fine photos, wallpapers, etc are from Volk Studio.

So! Super Bowl this Sunday. I’m pulling for the Patriots, for a couple reasons: One, it would be really cool to see a team complete a perfect 19-0 season. With the way they’ve been playing, it’s really very cool to see them this close. If anyone deserves it, it’s them. Second, I want to see the Giants lose because they beat Green Bay and I hate Eli Manning. Both Mannings, actually, but especially Eli. It should be a good game, either way. The Giants have really kicked it up a notch so they should give New England a run for their money.

Every source I’ve seen says the commercials are gonna suck this year. I know GoDaddy’s big plan is to air a “teaser” for a commercial they’ll have online that was too risqué to broadcast, which is just them pushing the line even further. Bob’s a great guy and all but sometimes I wonder. It’s really too bad about the commercials in general though, watching some of the old commercials from the pre-Janet Super Bowls brought back some awesome memories and smiles. We used to have big Super Bowl parties at my old church, and they’d broadcast the game onto the big projection screen in the main room. Everyone would pitch in chips and soda and hot dogs and hamburgers and have a grand old time of it. I’ll never forget Pastor Jay putting on his Broncos cap and explaining, with a big grin, that Jesus was going to be riding back on a white bronco, not a “packer,” and so obviously Denver was the team Jesus was rooting for. He must have – I can’t think of any other way to explain Terrell Davis’ performance that game. Also, watching for the Budweiser frogs while sitting in church always seemed somehow fitting in an ironic way.

Don’t really have much else to say, except that John Stewart has been awesome lately. I’ll save my political rambling, though, for a post later tonight, or perhaps tomorrow.

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