A Mock Trial for a Mock President


A non-citizen, non-resident commits an act of war by hijacking and slamming a pair of airliners into American buildings and our President decides that rather than an act of war, which it was declared as being by the perpetrators, it was a criminal act.

This. Is. Absurd.

These terrorists are getting high end, hard-left attorneys whose jobs are to get this case thrown out and this man set free. Given the nature of the attack and the response to it, the ongoing war, etc., you face a variety of challenges in trying to actually prosecute this man according to US law: chain of custody on the evidence, proper venue, bringing national security secrets into the open – and all for a man who has no legal right whatsoever for this kind of trial?

Not to mention the media! Oh, the media will have a field day with this. Expect this to be the top story every night and the top headline every morning, as they give this raving lunatic a national platform to spew his hate and his disgusting rhetoric all over the ears and eyes of any American foolish enough to turn on the TV. This goes beyond the realm of irresponsibility and into the territory of either insanity or outright contempt for justice and the nation. Obama has thoroughly mishandled this and discredited himself even on this most basic, black-and-white issue and proven that when it comes down to it, he’d rather give a mass murderer the chance to walk free and do it all over again than let people actually say that this was Islamic terror. He is enabling murder in the name of political correctness, and getting away with it.

The madness has to end somewhere. In the meantime, I’ll be writing my left-wing nutjob of a representative, because I know that my Senators won’t hesitate to call this the insanity that it is. (EDIT: a quick Google search revealed that they already have spoken against it. Thanks, guys.)

Rudy Giuliani lets loose, it’s a rather long clip but it’s worth watching:

“First they use our planes against us, now they’re going to use our criminal justice system against us.”

He notes that this might be a way to get Bush put on trial by proxy here, and this could be a win/win for Obama. If so, this is only that much more revolting.

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