Because I forgot to post this on 11/22, like the putz I am…

Despite what you have (or haven’t) heard on TV, we’ve won, folks. Those friends of mine who have been over there can all attest to how much it’s calmed down, and I anticipate we can look forward to having (the majority of) our troops home probably in the next couple of years.

So here’s to the rough men like General Petraeus, who have led our troops to this victory. Here’s to the few politicians who had the guts to stick with this and see this out – this was one of the few things McCain did right. Yes, there’s still plenty of concern to be had about Iran, North Korea, and Pakistan (among others)… and here’s to hoping that those in power handle it well. In the meantime, though, we can have our spirits somewhat bolstered by the realization that victory is possible, and real, and in Iraq, realized – something that even just two years ago seemed a distant dream.