Sobering truth

Fearsome Comrade, the latest addition to the blogroll, has a sobering (albeit pessimistic) view on what the Republicans will really do, should they manage to wrest back Congress from the Democrats:

The problem with Republicans is that few of them understand why they win or why they lose elections. They never credit conservatism for their victories and always blame it for their defeats.

I don’t see the Party changing. I think that Republicans are by nature weak and doubtful of the strength of conservative ideas. They are extremely prone to thinking that liberalism is what people want, even when a liberal wins an election by pretending to be a conservative. They look at Democrats as the cool kids on the playground that everyone likes, and see themselves as the dorks that can only win friends by giving away all their Fruit Roll-Ups and doing the cool kids’ homework.

I hope he’s wrong, but I’m not holding my breath.