More football!

Well last night was a surprise.

The Eagles looked awful and the Cowboys looked phenomenal (albeit a bit sloppy on penalties) in their game last night, a Cowboys blowout that gave them their first playoff win since 1996. I don’t particularly like seeing the streak broken, but all good things must come to an end I suppose. If they keep up that level of play, then Minnesota had better watch out next week, because they’ll be in for a very tough fight. The Cowboys defense has been their strong side all year, but last night the offense stepped up to match the pace and blew right past Philly, which looked rather lethargic. I guess I was wrong about them being off-kilter. Biggest downside? Expect to hear lots of Tony Romo waxing poetic about his childhood idol, Brett Favre, this week. Ugh.

The Jets beating the Bengals was unexpected, but I really don’t think it will matter. Sanchez looked great, especially on paper, but I didn’t see anything that made me think they’ll stand much of a chance next week – unless overconfidence bites San Diego. It’s always a concern in the playoffs.

And of course, the Kurt Warner retirement rumors are circling, with ESPN being the latest to report this season is his last. I hope he sticks it out for one more year, regardless of what happens here, but I can respect that he’s considering it. Given his age, health issues, and career so far it’s not like he’s got any big reasons to stay beyond just loving the game. and I don’t want to see him turn into another Brett Favre. The game today will rely on our defense, I still think, and I still think we have a good shot at a victory if we play well (despite what everyone at work seems to think).

In the meantime, I’m THOROUGHLY enjoying seeing what looks like it will be an emphatic smackdown of New England by Baltimore. Go birds!