More fun from Chris Matthews & Co

The man just doesn’t stop delivering the goods in this panel on how awesome Obama the Lightbringer is:

MATTHEWS: One reason for the rage from the east, and I’m no expert. All these years that have led to the terrorism, the undercurrent of rage against the west, us, is the sense that we have disrespected them, their culture, we have looked down on them. In fact, we have defeated them technologically in some cases. But there’s that sense that they feel they’re reacting to the hatred of the west. By electing somebody with this name, are we going to diffuse some of that? I think that would be very hopeful if we could.

KATTY KAY, BBC: Yeah, I think it really does undermine some of that knee-jerk criticism of America. It’s much harder if you’re in the Middle East now to stand up and reject an American president whose middle-name is Hussein. It just, it just is.

As noted in the link, it’s amazing how fast saying his middle name changed from being “racist” to being “inspiring” once they came up with a spin for it. And then there’s this gem from NBC executive Mark Whitaker on the same panel:

I think it’s a bigger phenomenon which is the leader of the biggest democracy in the world is now a person of color and that is going to give him what political scientists would call a legitimacy in the street around the world that I don’t think an American leader has had, ever perhaps.

So he’s going to be great because he’s black? Really?

Who’s the racist now?

h/t: Daily Pundit

Will the real Chris Matthews please shut up

Via Pajamas Media comes this editorial from Richard Fernandez, with some commentary on Chris Matthews’ latest foot-in-mouth incident: He wants President Bush to just resign today so that Obama can take office sooner. (video at GatewayPundit)

Chris, old buddy, I know that tingling leg of yours must be enough to drive you nuts, but for all your whining about how Bush has stomped all over the Constitution you really don’t seem to give that much thought to it yourself. You realize that Obama hasn’t been elected yet, right? That pesky election nonsense just getting in the way of annointing your new messiah, and your goal of “making his presidency a success,” I know. But you need to wait til December 15th before it’s official, and January 20th before he can take office. It’s kind of how the system works – and that’s per the Constitution. We all know you really don’t care about it, but at least pay it some lip service once in a while, alright? How classless and tasteless can you get, man?

Of course, if Bush DID step down then that would make Dick Cheney the president… wonder how many heads would explode over that one.

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