Post-election thoughts

I have avoided blogging about the election because frankly, I annoyed myself last time around and I figured there was enough – and better – coverage out there. But now that it’s wrapped up, let me hit a few points. Let me disclaim this before I start: I’m tired, and this is pretty much a stream of thought post. It’s not going to be up to my usual standards. That said, here we go:

First – Romney did better than I could have imagined. I came into his selection upset, expecting him to be a McCain-esque, passive, big government RINO. He reversed my opinion of him with his behavior on the campaign, his selection of Paul Ryan as a running mate, and his performance in the debates. I think Romney is a better man than I originally gave him credit for, and I know he’s a more competent one – even despite the loss.

Now comes the “now what?” sentiment I’ve seen posted across Facebook and popping up on blogs already. It appears that along with the Executive branch, the left has kept its hold on the Senate as well. It’s not a good-looking scenario for conservatives or libertarians, but it’s what we have. What’s important is to focus forward, not backward. Ignore the whining, ignore the jeering and the gloating, ignore the “what-ifs.” Remain positive. I posted tonight on Facebook that I truly hope Obama is everything his supporters hope and nothing that I fear – and I mean it. I would LOVE to be wrong about this, because I love this country, and I don’t want to see harm come to it. I spoke to a good friend of mine tonight who could not have a more diametrically opposing political stance than I; and we thanked each other for remaining civil and for being friendly through it all. I love him and thank him for keeping me grounded and remembering that there are good people on both sides of this argument.

Now, despite the recent focus, I think that Obama is not so much the problem as a potential symptom of the problem. Another thing I said a while back, and that I reposted tonight, is that I thought this election would come down to the choice between fiscal accountability and government subsidy. It appears we’ve made our choice to follow Europe down the road of a government-subsidized lifestyle; it hasn’t worked for them, so I hope desperately that we tread their path far better than they did.

As Bill Whittle said tonight: A moral, virtuous people is what it takes to keep our system and government afloat. Thomas Jefferson knew it, John Adams knew it, and I think a lot of us still know it. Currently, a big issue is the accountability and responsibility that is sorely lacking in the Federal Government. The next few years will mean a lot as the world comes to grips with this idea. As for us, Ben Franklin said, “When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.” My fear is that Obama will not handle it well and that the country will suffer as a result; again, I hope I (and Mr. Franklin) am wrong – but I don’t think we are, given Obama’s record so far. This country has become lazy and apathetic, and the best intentions of the honorable – on both sides! – are dragged down by the demand for a free lunch. That is what needs to change if any significant difference is to be seen. Virtue has to be taught, and we are not teaching new generations virtue. Instead, we teach them laziness and vice. Don’t believe me? Watch a few music videos or an episode of  reality TV. Virtue is no longer being taught. In fact, it’s being actively compromised. And if a government like ours – one driven by the will of the people – is to change, that is where it must start.

So,conservative, so, libertarian, take heart, and know what you must do! It is the heart of the people and the nation that must be targeted to see the level of change you desire. Realize that the liberal you see opposing your every move thinks he is correct and doing what is right for the country. Realize that he is well-meaning and probably just as frustrated as you are. The amount of whining about Romney being an imperfect conservative is probably only matched by the amount of whining that Obama is an imperfect liberal! Be civil, be loving. Arrogance and anger will never change anyone’s mind.

Finally, know that God is in control. No matter what good or evil any politician can come up with, they cannot trump whatever God has in stake for me, you, and this country. Those of you who are believers can take hope in that.

And now, I’m off to bed. Goodnight, all.

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