Yeah, I’m still talking about SB1070

So the big thing that happened the other day was that Felipe Calderon, the President of Mexico, was invited into a joint session of Congress to speak, where he used his pulpit to echo the same empty objections of Arizona’s law, which earned him a standing ovation:

Note that this coward has not once spoken to Gov. Brewer. Note that Brewer has tried to talk to Calderon, as well as various members of the Obama administration, and they refuse to talk to her.

Note that this is a foreign diplomat coming in and criticizing our policies, and then having his side taken by the Speaker of the House and Vice President. Let me repeat that: these leaders of our country publicly took the side of another country against the State of Arizona.

As unsurprising as it is at this point that Obama holds these offensive and naive opinions, it’s shocking and unprecedented for the President or Vice President to openly take sides against the United States. Never before have we had officials of China and Mexico come to the US, speak out in criticism of us, and had our President agree.

The audacity is appalling. And now, following the trend of shameless governance, the head of ICE has stated they’ll simply ignore the referrals made by the state of Arizona. These people have apparently never read the laws they’re sworn to defend, or their oaths to defend them for that matter. It’s disgusting.

However, amongst the insanity comes this gem, perhaps the most poignant and intelligent political thought to come out of California since the days of Ronald Reagan:

As brilliant as this is, I’m having trouble finding any hope for a restoration of sanity over this (or any other) issue.

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