Palin on Fox

Yes, really. A multi-year deal as a “political analyst”

This seems like an outrageously bad move for her political career, as she has effectively beheaded any illusion of independent “rogue” politics by  aligning herself with the much-maligned Fox News Channel. Her initial appearance on Bill O’Reilly proved she’d remain in the fray as deep as ever though, fielding such insightful questions from O’Reilly as “Nancy Pelosi: do you think she’s a kook? Do you think she’s actually crazy?”

I like Palin, but I don’t like this move. If she’s trying to embrace the big media, big government, bloated bureaucracy that Fox seems to appreciate then she’s made a wonderful start – but I fear all she’ll get out of the gig is a slew of new jokes made at her expense.

(Though you could strike it rich on 8/1 odds she’ll lose the gig before September 1st!)

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