I really, really don’t like Vince Young right now.

That said, Leinart’s second half performance was surprisingly solid. I can’t help but feel that if he’d only found his rhythm a little earlier we could have had more of an offense and a win. Instead, we let the Titans go 3-for-3 on 4th down conversions and put together a last minute drive that was far too reminiscent of the Super Bowl for my tastes. Our defense still needs work, mainly in the secondary. McFadden is infuriating sometimes, he’ll switch between brilliant coverage and no coverage at all – DRC is the only cornerback that feels like he’s consistently trying. The defensive line put on a pretty good show, led by Dockett’s three sacks, but they also let through some key running plays, so it’s hard to say that they’re where they should be either.

Titans are a hot team and I had a feeling that the game wouldn’t end well with Warner out, so as heartbreaking as the end was I wasn’t entirely unprepared. The bright side to the game is I feel a little less dread when I consider that the previously-abysmal Matt Leinart is our backup quarterback. I guess that’s something.

The day can be redeemed a little if Baltimore hands the Steelerss their third straight loss, though. Go Ravens!

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