Prayers for Ft Hood

A terrible act of brutality has played out this afternoon, where at least one (possibly up to three) Army personnel shot and killed several people – the current count is 12 dead and 31 wounded. So far we only know that (one of?) the shooter is dead, an Army psychiatrist Maj. Nadal Malik Hasan, and there are two other suspects in custody.

In the meantime, please pray for those injured today, and the families of all those wounded and killed. There’s plenty of political fallout that will come from this, and they’ll be caught up in it – pray that God grants them peace in this time of trial, and that he can use this to direct them back to Him.

Edit 8:20 PST: It was just Hasan, apparently, and he was only injured. He is still alive and is in custody. He apparently also has been doing some website posting praising and admiring suicide bombers. A coworker of his at Ft. Hood described him as making comments about the US “shouldn’t be over there,” and saying that “the Muslims should stand up and fight the Americans.” He apparently also refused to be photographed with women, so perhaps there is a little irony in that the police officer who shot him to end his rampage, and was wounded in the process, was a woman.

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  1. Additional info from (

    No other shooting at a military base in the U.S. has been anywhere near as deadly as Thursday’s.

    In 1993, a gunman at Fort Knox shot five civilian co-workers, killing three, and then fatally shot himself.

    Covering 339 square miles, Fort Hood is the largest active-duty armored post in the United States. Home to about 52,000 troops as of earlier this year, it is located halfway between Austin and Waco.

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