Best President Ever

I mean, in October, al Qaeda was “resurgent, stronger now than at any time since 2001.” But after only two weeks in office, it now comes out that al Qaeda is “decimated” to the point “that it is now possible to foresee a “complete al-Qaida defeat.” Man, he is so good. Why didn’t we just let him take over back in November?

Wait, the reason that al Qaeda is in disarray is due to air strikes over the past six months plus? Well, that doesn’t matter either. See, Obama’s secretly been President for months, you just didn’t know it yet.

A couple days ago the AFP reported, “US President Barack Obama has already used experts within the last few months to hold high-level but discreet talks with both Iran and Syria, organizers of the meetings told AFP.” That’s funny, because in December he was very insistent to point out that he wasn’t President yet, and there was only one President at a time…

“I will continue to insist that, when it comes to foreign affairs, it is particularly important to emphasize that there is one president at a time,” Obama said Monday. “There are delicate negotiations taking place right now and we can’t have two voices coming out of the United States when you have so much at stake.”

Man, it’s a good thing he’s soooo awesome or else this might be a little alarming, don’t you think?

(h/t: Patterico)

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