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Via Lawrence Auster, it appears that the Obama birth certificate question has finally broken its way into the “Mainstream” media, with a blog over on Forbes. Unfortunately, the Forbes article misstates a couple of things, and misses a couple of key points. Here’s the quick and dirty of it for those who haven’t been following: There have been ongoing questions as to the legitimacy of Obama’s claim to being born in the US, making him eligible for President. What has spurred this on is that unlike John McCain, who quickly addressed such rumors, Obama has not cooperated at all, and in fact has occasionally made things worse, by refusing to release his birth certificate and having the Hawaiian records sealed.

When he finally got around to releasing something, he released a certification of live birth, which is a short-form birth certificate, and which is not quite the same as a normal birth certificate in Hawaii, as it can apply to, for instance, “a person born in a foreign country who has been legally adopted in the State of Hawaii.” Original arguments against the validity of the certification were that it appeared photoshopped, which were then countered by’s debunking that by taking photos of it being held. The Forbes article ignores this ambiguity. It then spends a significant amount of time on the issue of Obama’s relationship with Annenburg, who provide the primary funding of As juicy as that is, it’s largely irrelevant, except as a distraction. The last bit of juice comes from a statement by Dr. Chiyome Fukino, the director of Hawaii’s department of health, who said that they verified that Obama’s original certificate is in fact present in a Hawaii vault. Philip J. Berg, who has hounded Obama in court over this, insists he is still not convinced as the statement left out whether or not it was in fact an American birth certificate. Grasping at straws, surely, but valid nonetheless, and Obama is required to file a reply to the writ before the Supreme Court by December first. Alan Keyes, a former Presidential candidate, also filed suit (PDF warning), which lists four distinct problems that challenge the validity of Obama’s claims – paragraphs 80-84 in the linked document.

What gets to me is that a two minute phone call from Obama to allow for the release of the original would instantly and completely put to rest the entire manner, but he steadfastly refuses to do so. I still don’t think it will turn out that he was actually born in Kenya, but it does make me wonder if he’s trying to hide something else. Or maybe he’s just arrogant enough he figures that he doesn’t need to answer to the American people. I’m not sure, but it’s enough to keep me interested.

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